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Currently working on: Tales From The Wasteland Issue 1 & Project: Ferrous Oxide

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In this new blog I\'ll be posting, discussing and (where possible) documenting my processes to share what I\'ve learned in my 13 years in digital design and how I apply the disciplines I\'ve learned.

It will be more interesting than I make it sound there, promise.

Irrepressible Blog

Drafted onto the Dribbble team and side projects updates

8th August 2012 by Tom

A big thanks to the fantastic illustrator Dave Turton for drafting me into the game over at This picture is for you!

I’ve posted a few shots so far from my ‘work in progress’ folder and I’m generally very impressed with the site itself and its well deserved reputation.

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Codeword Deadman cover concept

27th July 2012 by Tom

This is an early concept for a Codeword Deadman internal cover page for my upcoming Tales From The Wasteland pulp magazine project and was heavily inspired by Jock’s art for The Losers graphic novels and was an exercise in adding depth to simplified image. I’ve since defined a style for the magazine’s internal covers relegating this piece to my Unused Assets folder.

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Canimation – Red Ninja

27th July 2012 by Tom

Late last year (2011), I heard about Red Bull’s Canimation competition and decided to submit a short cartoon despite the fact the deadline was only 14 days away. I managed to single handedly complete 16 of the 30 seconds of my film. Unfortunately, work commitments took over and the project was put on hold.

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